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Need an E-Commerce Website Back-office Administrative Virtual Assistant

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Brief: We need a back-office virtual admin and customer support Work From Home Full time or part-time contractor.
Design Preferences: Should have experience of customer services, back-office operations, and prior experience with open cart platform.
Technology Preferences: OpenCart 
User Features:

Our requirements for contract resources are as follows. Currently, we are accepting requests from only those candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

- Have a stable internet connection (defined as Broadband either wired or wireless) with at least 1 Mbps speed 
- Have a stable and clear network coverage for mobile phone (may be required to interact with our community on an occasional basis over mobile)
- Have a sufficiently quiet area without too many background noises within the home to operate from
- Have a stable power supply or backup or sufficient battery backup to run a laptop/desktop and broadband connection.
- Are comfortable with chatting in English and have an acceptable typing speed
- Have own desktop/ laptop (only mobile phone is not to be considered as much back-office work will be required)
- Are willing to work in flexible shifts (no night shift required)
- Are willing to download and install activity monitoring software from The Global Artisans.
- Are able to join Video (internal office) calls for weekly meetings.
- Agree to the policy of payment based on hours as captured via desktop activity monitoring software
- The payment structure would be based on performance and outcomes. 
- Agree that all calls to our community will be conducted through our telephony platform only and 100% of calls will be recorded
- Workdays are from Monday to Saturday.