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Need alteration of Native Android App which is working.

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Application Type: Native 

Brief: It is mainly recording of Images and Videos and storing them to upload to FTP server on local network.

The recording starts with ID of the subject. ID is obtained using voice, OCR or Bar Code reading.
App, allows cropping and rotation of the images.
And saves Images etc under that ID in separate folder.
Saves received SMS periodically in a folder.

The Images and SMS stored that way, are to be uploaded to a FTP server periodically - This feature needs to be added. Some changes to the UI needs to be done to suit the needs of the users.

Some Similar Apps/Websites:  
The ready App which is working, except FTP client, is available for download.
(Scan after downloading is recommended)

Source code, will be given, on agreeing for the contract.

Image / Video recording, editing and structured storing.
SMS Back Up.
FTP auto uploading.

Designs: UI Designs are ready (Some UI screens attached) / Some UI Designs are to be made or need to be altered. You can download App, scan it and see it.

APIs Status: APIs are already developed. FTP client needs to be developed

Back-end Technology (APIs): No back-end needed.

Timeline: 3 weeks

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Document for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.
19 September, 2020
The end point of this milestone of project, defined and narrowed down. Mainly in this milestone we will be working on changing the settings, removing timers and changing the workflow only.
FTP client is to be built and added in the next milestone.
Added 3 files to understand the exact steps needed in this plan of set of limited changes.
20 September, 2020
Added one more file 'What Exactly Is This Project.pdf' which will in detail explains what is to be done, exactly, and in step by step manner.