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Need a writer for my book ~50,000-80,000 words over 4 -6 months

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I'm looking to write a book but I don't have the time - hence need a professional writer to hold the pen and translate my thoughts into a book. I will connect with you over the phone to paint the thought process that needs to be conveyed in the book (on management techniques, not fantasy or fiction). Hence to do this task you will need to have a really good vocabulary in English and an excellent ability to translate it into words, so as to keep it interesting and captivate the audience. I will pay you a fixed salary per month and I expect you to work atleast part time on this (3-4 hours a day) for a few months until the book is complete. I will not be dictating word for word but will ensure you understand the concept so that you can translate it into a book. 

I would have written the book myself but my current job takes up almost all of my time. Your contribution will be to hold the pen on the work. You will not be mentioned as the author of the book and the book will be sent to a publisher once complete. If interested please drop me a message to further discuss. Please be reminded your English needs to be top class.