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Need a Wordpress Website with Azure AD integration

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Brief: we are basically looking for 'users' to register (Sign-In/Sign-Up) into a WordPress website using Azure AD.

In other words, when a user registers, he will become an Azure AD user.
On successful sign-In or SignUp, control is passed to the WordPress
site. No user information is stored on WordPress. When control is
passed to WordPress site, it calls an API (we have
that ready) using the email address that was used to sign-in/sign-up. The API returns user information from a SQL table. The website displays this information (about 10 fields e.g. FirstNam, LastName, Address, Phone) on the
form/screen. This form will be a WordPress site form.

I believe a plug-in is required to achieve the above. We will gladly purchase the plug-in license once the 'trial' is successfully demonstrated.

We have the Azure subscription and we can 'register' the demo
application (WP website) that you will develop on the Azure AD B2C and
provide you with the necessary info for the plug-in e.g. Client ID,
Client Secret, etc. You will need to host the demo WP website
on your own account/hosting provider for the demo.