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Need a Wordpress Training Website

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Brief: For Professional want to upgrade specific segment skills. Training Website. Selling few free and few paid courses. 
Case 1 - Having capability of having courses as a Product along with prices and customer can purchase these product through site. 
Case 2- Also having capability to create bundle of few courses including video.   Different categories
a) Free Courses and Videos
b) Bundled Courses and Videos

Separate Quote for option 1) and including option 2
Design Preferences: Mention any theme/kind of website design that you prefer (Mention Sites).   

Preferential Sites -  not a copy cat... but it vis a vis.. feature by feature.. and there is no single site .. but multiple sites for different features  (Option 2)  (option 1)

Static pages: Mention Number of pages (Home page, Contact us, About us etc)      

Preferential Approach
Option 1) Creating capability so that based on template and selection further pages can be created as and when required, 

Preferred Customizations:
Custom Banners for Homepage slider needed - Yes
Custom Illustrations/Icons?    - Yes

Site is already there but its having limitation, UX is not at all proper, looks is also not good.. its just a oka okay type as created as free.  it does not have e-commerce capability so I would like this to be created on stretch so that all these capabilities can be enabled
Wordpress could be a easy option based on all out of the box features provided on its own or through plus-ins.