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Need a Wordpress Plugin

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First Part:


Looking for a plugin

For Reputation Management

The plugin needs to create a section you can place on any
page where it will have 3 boxes for reviews. Google My Business, Yelp and

It should have the option to display those fields or not

So you might have only Google My Business or Google My
Business and Face Book

And so on

It should be able to adjust according to selection so if you
only have one bigger center box on page

or if 2 divide by 2 center

You should be able to say how many reviews you want to
display of each section and by age. So newest last 5 or last 4. If they only
have 2 and you select last 5 it will only show 2 because that's all they have


Second Part:


Second part it would create a landing page.

The landing page would be for customers to go leave a review
on that page. They will have option for star rating and comment

This will be the top of a funnel

Based on the review stars they leave would send them to 1 of
2 pages

This has to be controlled by the user to select based on star
rating what page they go to

Or controlled by admin


So the admin would have a choice of only send to one landing
page or send to one of 2 ladning pages based on star rating.

User will have the choice of 5 stars based on experience.

Admin will be able to direct user to one page if they leave 4
or 5 star review.

That page would bring their comment over and user can click a
copy button to copy what they wrote

There should be a link to Google My Business Review section
where they can past their review

Then direct them to Yelp and Facebook to leave review

If they leave 3 stars or under they go to a page that just
says We're sorry about your experience or whatever the admin decides to say.

So this funnel is a gate.

The admin should have the option to turn it on or off.

It's nto the best practice

However they should have the option to gate them or not

The first page always has to show. where they can leave a
review copy their review and leave it on the 3 review sites

If you can make something like that I think we will get rich

There are reputation management plugins out there already but
nothing like what I just layed out.

That is a blueprint for huge money


Technology preference
: WordPress





Landing page something like this below:

Logo up top that the user would have to
upload from plugin setting. A thank you message that is editable in the back
end. The one I have there can be a default text An input field for user name
and email the name would be carried over to the review section on the right.
Star rating so have the stars outline when they click on star say 4 stars 1234
become solid. Comment section that also would carry over to the right. On the
right is all the reviews. They would have to be sorted by date made then star
rating. 5 star at the top.

PFA review funnel.


In the settings of the plugin, there should
be an option for gating.

The Description for gating would be: Check
this box if you want to enable gating. With this checked you can choose what
page a user goes to based on the review they give.

The funnel I have drawn up would be an
example of what the user would see with gating turned on.

User goes to the landing page like the one
I sent you a link for.

They select 1 to 5 stars.

So the option in gating would be for zero
to three stars send them to bad review page ratings four to five send them to
good review page. Those options could be changed based on the score they want
to send their user to what ever page. So they may feel 0 to two stars go to bad
or zero to 4 stars send to bad. They may only want to send 5 star ratings to
the good review page. Let the admin determine that.


Lets say gating is on user gave a 5 star
review they go to the good review page


On there should be a form that carried over
the review they wrote on the landing page. The message they receive would be
"Thank you for your kind words. We need your help to let everyone know
about your experience with us. Please click the copy button and click the links
below to paste your comment in Google, Facebook and Yelp. Below that would be
buttons for the user to go to those pages and leave their reviews.

In the settings of the plugin, there should
be a section to add review sites. There are only 3 big ones, Google My
Business, Facebook and Yelp. However there are smaller more industry specific
sites as well. We should give them the option to add up to 6 liks for review
sites. By name only 3 Google, Facebook, Yelp. The customer would have the
option to add names and links for up to 3 more. Example: a hotel still uses
Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp.

They may want to use Trip Advisor, Trivago
or some other site. Limit to 6


I have not figured out the front end

I want to be able to use this like a review
section someone would have on their home page

Only grab the data from the review sites

The most important part is the Landing page

I gave you the landing page


It's the review section

It needs to look nice it will be on the
front end

There are the 3 review sites it needs to
pull data from

It will be an actual WordPress page

Can you grab the reviews from google my
business, yelp and facebook

And make them show up on a page

Or can that only be done manually

Because if it can only be done manually The
only part you can deliver is the landing page

And the Review funnel

The one thing that needs to change is the
button needs to say Submit Your Review

Then the review shows up on the right hand

The reviews need to sort automatically 5
star and newest at the top

So if someone submits a 1 star it will go
to the bottom

This would be the concept of the front end

If this can be done, Would need the
settings in the plugin would need to allow the administrator to select what
review sites they want to include in that section

So if they want only Google or only
Facebook or only Yelp or any combination

Also what ratings do they want to display.
All reviews. only 5 star only 5 and 4 star only 5 4 3 star and so on

In the funnel this page is an optional
page. It will only show up if the admin selects gating in the settings of the
plugin. The message will be a default message that can be customized. The email
address where the contact form is submitted to needs to be changed in the
settings as well.

Also the star rating left on the landing
page will be the determining factor at to who goes to this page. It could be
only one star up to 2 star up to 3 star up to 4 star. Most people are ok with
letting 4 and 5 star reviews go to the next step in funnel

Last page

This is where the user is prompted to leave
the review on the review sites.

The comment they just made on the landing
page should populate in the field. The user should be able to copy that text
then using the buttons below go to the sites so they can leave a review.

By just pasting and submitting.

Unless you can make it so if they post in
the comment section on the landing page it automatically submits to the other

Based on star review

The text on this page is default and admin
will be able to change the text in the settings of the plugin

The three buttons that say optional will
not appear if the admin does not put a web address in the settings for review
sites in plugin.

The admin section should have these tabs.
Company Info | Review Sites | Gating | Testimonials

Company Info would have


upload a logo (To Be Used For Landing Page)

Recipient Email Address (To Be Used For
Contact Form On Apology Page)

Review Site Would Have


Review Sites Addresses

Google ________________________________

Facebook _____________________________

Yelp ___________________________________

Optional 1 _____________________________

Optional 2 ______________________________

Optional 3 _________________

Also there should be a support section in
the tabs

Where we can have a video and contact info
for us

Gating Section would have


Check Box for Gating On Or Off


If on is selected. they would have the
option to select what page in the funnel to send users. Example would be 3
stars and less send to apology page. or 4 star or less send to apogee page.
Most will only select 3 star and less.

Testimonial section would have 3 options.


Display google review

Display Facebook reviews

Display yelp reviews

Based on selection a short code and or Java
script or html would be created for them to place in a section they create on
page for testimonials

One thing I think I forgot for the plugin.
I need licensing. So that I can distribute the plugin for sale. Would need to
be a license per user. So it would have to change per installation

Expiration would be one site/one year.
Three sites / one year. 5 sites / one year and unlimited sites no expiration











Query :

1. -
is it user regitration, login, forgot password pages need ? - like woocommerce

2.After login, user redirecting to ->
Rating star and comment box form page. What are the other form fields here?

3. after giving good review, user redirct
to copy comment - button page.  and
posting comments to google my business,facebook,yelp (how can i know, to whose
fb,google,yelp page i redirect user?). means is it i need to redirect user to
specific web page like this or just


option for gating - what?





So the user never has to sign in

They are just filling out the information

Think of it like Google My Business. You
don't need an account you just fill out the review. If you have a Gmail. There
is no need to have a gmail there is no authentication

So thinking about this. The most important
review site is Google My Business. In order to leave a review people need to
have a Google account. I would say most do. So we can leave out the email part.
They only need to put their name in. So when they submit the review it shows up
on the other side with their name and star rating.

do not worry about the submit form.

I changed it

In the settings of the plugin. The admin
puts the link where the buttons will take them

So it's up to the admin to do that


The art of gating is this section is for the
company website reviews. It makes no difference to their SEO.

So gating means, if you have a bad review,
you don't want to send them to the page that encourages them to leave the
review on the real review sites like Google My Business.

So you would have the option to setup

Gating is a bad practice

If someone is caught gating their customers
Google will shut their site down

It's like you can not offer something for
good reviews

No there needs to be a checkbox allow
gating by chching the box

So the Admin has the ability to turn it on
and off

If they want to take a chance it's up to

Many people do it.

Probably a small portion

And the owner can talk their way out of it

I am the owner

So Google finds out a company is gating
clients for reviews. Google will delist the website from Google. The owner of
the company can say they had no idea this was happening and get relisted

That's why I say it needs to be an option
and by default it needs to be turned off.

There needs to be a disclaimer as well.

So a check box with a question mark next to

It would take them to a help section on

I will provide the disclaimer content








simple terms – Nutshell of the requirement:

You are familiar with websites wanting to
put reviews on their site so people can read them making the site seem more
legitimate correct.

So one part of this plugin should grab
reviews directly from the review sites word for word.

And would automatically post them in a
section wherever the company/web admin decides to put them.

This is more legitimate than someone just
creating a section and saying whatever they want to so to make the company
sound good

This is making the company look more

The company/web admin will be able to put
the 3 review sites real reviews based on rating that was given. So they would
be able to say do not put any 3, 2, 1 or 0 star ratings in this section

The company/admin would also have the
option as to what review sites they want to have listed in this section. So If
they only want Facebook reviews or Google My Business Reviews or Yelp Reviews
or any combination. All 3 or 2 of the three they will have that option.

So this is one part of the plugin

Second part of the plugin is soliciting

That's where the landing page comes in.

Landing page would just have a form on one
side and a result of the form submitted on the other side.

The form fields would consist of First Name
/ Last Name and Review box where they can write their review

There should also be a star rating up to 5 star

After they leave the review the next page
would have a button where they can copy what they wrote and buttons to take
them to the review sites so they can post what they wrote

Now if you can submit their reviews
automatically to these sites that would be huge. I don't know if that can be

The problem would be how would the review
sites know who they are?

That's it

The Gating concept and it’s interrelated features need to be ignored. We don’t
want those.




clarifications from Suyambu:


1.      In order to post a review
on Goggle My Business they need to have a Gmail.

2.      So people that are going
to leave a review will be able to write a review for Google/Facebook/Yelp from
a website and the review when they post get posted on the review sites?

3.      Once a review is posted on
Google you canot unpublish it

4.      – example landing page

5.      If you can make it where
they can publish directly to the review sites that would be awesome