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Need a video editor to add images to my videos INR 200 per video

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DO NOT bid on this project if you cannot work within the budget of Rs 200 per video.


1 - You have good command over Hindi and English languages. Understanding of both these languages is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for this project.
2 - You can download and upload video files of size 3 GB from Google Drive in 1 day.
3 - You have access to video editing software like Premier Pro, Photoshop, After Effects.
4 - You live in India.


1 - You will be given a max 20 minutes long "raw" video clip.
2 - The speaker in the video speaks about many things in the video. You need to add images in the video based on what the speaker is saying. For example, if the speaker says that "The Eiffel tower is located in Paris" you need to insert a picture of the Eiffel tower in the video. If the speaker says "Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world", you need to add a picture of Burj Khalifa. Similarly, at some places, you need to add small video clips of less than 5 seconds.
3 - Change the background of the video.
4 - Do color grading of the video - enhance its colors so that it looks more vibrant.


You will be paid Rs 200 per video if you finish the video editing

Before awarding this project to you, you will be asked to edit an UNPAID 1-minute trial video to test your video editing skills. If you cannot work on a 1 minute unpaid video, then DON’T BID ON THIS PROJECT.