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Need a solid English Proofreader - Excellent Language Skills

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We have a big website filled with bios of many celebrities and need to proofread them thoroughly.

1) The usual checks for English grammar, consistency & spelling for the whole article.
2) In the main project, there are many such celebrities. As these are profiles are for well- known people, if there are some disputable or scandalous claims e.g. "Andrea had a love child with her first boyfriend", then we need to add "As per news reports" or "allegedly". Basically, we want to make them as "Politically Correct" as possible. Also, we would like you to paraphrase any amateurish sounding statements so it appears very professional.
3) You are free to paraphrase, revise or make any big edits that will make it more engaging to the reader. You can introduce new / re-align existing sections if it improves the flow – put yourself in the shoes of the reader, and see if he will be motivated to read the whole thing, without getting bored. this is the primary end goal of the project.
4) Lastly, do a quick fact check of the most important facts, usually quickly looking up at the LinkedIn profile / a quick google search will do this.

Let us know your qualifications in English and experience in proofreading and English writing. Also, let us know if you are willing to do a sample.