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Need a Native Android App

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Application Type: Native 

Brief: My application is about a platform where retailers for gas refilling cylinders can subscribe to and post the prices of their products. The buys will also be able to subscribe to the same platform and using the google maps API they can be able to see who is the closest to their location with the best price of products. The retailer then will pay a certain amount as commission for each customer he acquires from the platform. The customer should be able to give referrals and be awarded some points which are redeemed as a refill for a gas cylinder. The idea for this project is not complex, it just requires a good profile for the retails and their products. We can discuss about it once someone show some good interest.

Some Similar Apps/Websites:  Any mobile app that uses the google maps to connect both the retailer and customer.

phone number Signup/SignIn
Push Notifications
Deep Linking
Geolocation usage- should be very precises since it will be the basis for the customers and retailers to come together.
Custom Maps
Payment Processing- will be implemented later. The developer to implement my idea will be a partner in the business since more functionalities will be added later.
User Analytics- at the back end level.
Crash Reporting
Multilingual Support
SMS Messaging
Real-time Chat

Designs: UI Designs are to be made.
APIs Status: Need to be developed
Backend Technology (APIs): APIs need to be developed in PHP/NodeJS or any preferred by the developers
Timeline: 3-5 Months

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.