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Need a Native Android App

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Build portel and app like dream11
Build portel and app like dream11
Well I will like to have the product with full source code

Login/Register - Users can choose their email or social media profile to signup. They can also join using the referral code provided by other users.

User Profile - Users can create their profile by providing details such as their team name, email address, password, gender, mobile number, etc as per client requirement.

Favorite Sport - Users can select their favorite sport from the list of fantasy games. They can also choose and play multiple sports in the app.

Create My Team - Players can pick their fantasy team based on their awareness, personal preferences, and instincts.

Create Your Tournament - Users can create their own tournament by providing details such as contest name, total winning amount, contest size, entry per team and others.

Join A Tournament - Players can join a tournament based on their preference after filtering the tournament listings. Users can view details like total winning amount, contest size, entry per team, number of slots filled and others.

Live Match Score - Users can view live match scores and player stats. Player stats comprise details such as points, credits and other information.

My Winning - Ranks and points will be updated and displayed during and at the end of every contest. If you win in any cash contest, the winnings will be credited automatically to user wallet.

Withdraw - Users can withdraw money only from the winnings balance in the wallet once the account is verified. This verification is a one-time process which doesn’t need to be repeated unless user wish to make changes to his/her account.

Invite And Earn - Invite your friends by sharing referral code through any of the social media platforms. Users can earn by their referral code used by others.

My Contests - Players can view the number of contests joined, live stats and results from the previous contest.

Social Sharing - Players can share their rankings and scorecards through numerous social media networks.

Payment Options - Users can add money by debit/credit card, net banking, in-app wallets, and others with ease.

CMS Section - This section will include About us, Help, contact us, legality, Fantasy points system.

Wallet Section - Deposit and Withdrawal History, Request Withdrawal, Withdrawal Status.

Push Notification - Users will receive a notification via email or push-notification comprising information such as team creation, match timings, match results etc.

Write a Review to the App.

Share app

Admin Login - Admin can log in with their User ID and Password

Admin Dashboard - Complete control of your websites and mobile apps is comfortably available in your admin dashboard. You can push messages to your apps and everything

User Management - End-To-End control the user accounts by editing, adding or deleting them accordingly.

Tournament Management - Admin has entire control over the changes in the tournament to edit, update, add or delete the contests.

Revenue Mangement - Admin has the option to view the total earnings and returns from various matches.

Point System - Complete control of add, change, delete any pointing system.

Offer Bonus Points - Offer bonus points based on the performance and frequency of the players in the app.

Manage Reports - Contest report, Participants report, Match report, Earning report, and Player ranking report can be generated and analyzed.

Category Management - Manage the game categories (Upcoming, Live, Results) with ease. Admin can simultaneously update the status of the contest using this feature.

In-App Advertising - Make extra money by showcasing advertisements. The ads will be strategically placed to ensure smooth gameplay.

Real-Time Analytics - Real-time data will be updated and stored in the database to assist in making better decisions.

God’s Eye View - This feature allows the admin to view upcoming/scheduled matches, number of players, Live matches, already played matches, earnings.

Security/ Anti-Fraud System - The app boasts state-of-the-art anti-fraud and high-security system. The app is designed to protect players from unforeseen external influence.

Push Notification - Receives push notifications on registration, winnings, withdrawals/deposits, complaints, etc

Live Match Score - Admin can view live match scores and player stats. Player stats comprise details such as points, credits and other information.
kindly check the features
Kindly let me know about cricket data automated API, payment gateway integrations.