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Need a Native Android App

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Application Type: Native 


Entrepreneurs in the low income informal sector find it most convenient to repay loans on a daily basis. However, it is very cumbersome and resource intensive for physical collection on a daily basis. With the advent of digital payments and its ever increasing adoption, money can be transferred without a physical collector. However, the collector's more important role in real life is to nudge them into paying. This app aims to remind and nudge the borrower into repaying their loans.

Some Similar Apps/Websites: Similar to an alarm app which the user cannot disable. It can only be disabled remotely. Can only be snoozed.  


Basic features required -
Secure setting of an alarm for a predetermined number of days and time of the day. The phone user should not be able to delete the alarm
Ability to remotely disable the alarm. Preferably via SMS
The alarm must continue to ring at regular intervals until disabled remotely
The alarm must be annoying and hamper the usage of the phone in some way
App link to UPI to permit payment in the way that Zomato/Swiggy/ other apps allow payments via UPI
The app displaying number of days remaining/ payment balance

Advanced features could include -

Tracking who has uninstalled the app
Ability to suspend the alarm by the phone user for a predetermined number of times.
Push Notifications
Deep Linking
User Analytics
Crash Reporting
Multilingual Support

Designs: UI Designs are to be made.
APIs Status: Need to be developed
Backend Technology (APIs): APIs need to be developed
Timeline: 1 month

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.