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Need a Native Android and IOS App and web

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Application Type: Native 


We are developing a Web and Mobile (IOS & Android) application that eases the stock trading
in the unlisted stock market which can be done manually through phone and email.

  •   Goal – This app connects buyer and seller and make it possible to order stock transfers
    through the app instead of calling a bank or broker.

  •   Functionality – Users can access the account through BankID. Buyer confirms through
    BankID and the app will automatically generate an e-signed email and forward the transfer
    request to the bank. The app should receive depot info from the user’s bank through api
    and make it possible to sell this stock, or buy more by connecting with a specific person,
    through his social security number, or putting the order out in market for everybody to buy.
    The app should be able to handle all unlisted stocks, where the list of company name of
    these stocks will be provided to add it in the database, which makes it easier for any buyer
    to find the right stock he/she is looking for. Target market for this app is Sweden, where all
    the Swedish banks api are connected here. Preferably, is a start for this application.

  •   Resources - BankID API: First of all, we need to decide if you want to use native BankID
    or BankID through GrandID (Svensk E-identitet).

Native BankID gives you full flexibility, including custom UI but requires issuing a
certificate through a bank and usually takes some time to sort out.

GrandID (Svensk E-identitet) uses a predefined UI and does not support all
functionalities of the BankID API (but it is really easy to get started with and does
not require any certificates).

Tink API:


Nordea Bamk API: 

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.

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