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Need a Hybrid App | GeoFencing

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   - Complete Source Code for Front and Back End apps
   - HLD & LLD
   -  Documentation on technical solution

I am looking to get a mobile application build which tracks the mobile user time spent on a particular location.

Super user should be able to create a location using Geo Fencing mechanism(probably my marking boundaries on the map) and if users moves in OR out of that location system should track it.

My preferred technology is React Native.

Platform supported:

- Android
- iOS
- Windows Mobile

User Type(s)

- Super User (Admin)
- End User

Super User Features

- Should be able to create/modify/delete as many locations as he wants
- While creating a new location, user should be select the location by entering a address and then selecting from map OR by manually providing latitude and longitude
- Should be able to associate any location with one/multiple user(s) and also with Start Date and End Date also Start and End time

End User Features

- System should automatically start tracking the user location at least 15 minutes before the start date/time
- User should be able to check/verify the hrs he spent at a particular location
- Application should work in offline mode as well

Other Specs:

- Application should be service based so that we can integrate with web app or any other app as required in future
- Should support all size screens
- Should have a mechanism to verify test coverage
- should follow best coding practices as prescribed by Play Store & App Store