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Need a Graphic illustrator

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- Need to create 15 images (graphic illustrations), STRICTLY if one can deliver 1 image per day.

-See this URL, We need this kind of images:

-Apply only if you can draw such illustrations and STRICTLY 1 image per day

- We'll give you a description and you're expected to come up with an image
- You may submit the proposal with the image as given below for an easy selection
- Only if you can deliver a minimum of 1 image per day
- On a regular basis, Once you deliver the image, we will let you know about the changes and you'll be expected to modify it accordingly

- All images must be in  
         --> Black & White
         --> image must be descriptive and have 5-6 activities visible
         --> Must have a good thing (People are in a queue n below example)
         --> Must have a bad thing (An unattended suitcase in below example)

For example:

1. Airport
2. YOU CAN SEE PLANCE THROUGH GLASS WALL (Glass walls se planes dikh rahe he)
3. SOMEONE LEFT THE SUITCASE UNATTENDED (Kisi ne apna suitcase unattended chhod rakha he)
4. YOU CAN SEE A QUEUE (Ek queue lagi hui he )
5. Ticket Counters 
6. FEW PEOPLE WATCHING FLIGHT SCHEDULE ON FLIGHT BOARD (Kuch log flight board par flights ka time dekh rahe he)
7. FEW PEOPLE ARE DRINKING COFFEE IN A RESTAURENT (Kuch log restaurants par coffee pi rahe he)
8. YOU CAN SEE 'DEPARTURE' WRITTEN ON A GATE (Hindi me ‘prasthan’ likha hua he ek gate k upar, vaha bhi ek que he)
9. A POLICEMAN IS PARTILLING (Police wala ghoom raha he)