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Need a GIS Specialist to analyse scientific literature

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Hi,I’m doing my PhD studies in the field of agricultural georeferenced data processing at a University in Germany and I’m looking for a GIS specialist to support my scientific literature analysis. As a first step of my research, I conducted a thorough english literature review with the keywords “management zone” and “agriculture” on the research websites ResearchGate, Sciencedirect and Google Scholar. The result of this investigation is a list of international research papers that are interesting for my topic. Based on a geostatistical workflow, I’d like to analyse the papers with regard to the way the researchers processed their data sources. Basically, the workflow is separated in 8 major steps:

  1. Map and examine the data
Geostatistical model definition
2.     Pre-process data if necessary (transform, detrend, decluster)
3.     Model spatial structure
4.     Define search strategy
Model defined
5.     Predict values at unsampled locations
6.     Optional (depending on model): Quantify uncertainty of the predictions
7.     Check that the model produces reasonable results for predictions and uncertainties
8.     Use the information in risk analysis and decision making

Within each step, there are several sub-topics and certain “quality” values that are important to compare different data sources and methods (they have to be summarized in one table). I can provide you the detailed list of these sub-topics.
The literature I am focusing on, have the main objective to pre-process multiple data sources (one paper usually uses more than one data source, e.g. reflectance-sensor data, soil sampling data, yield documentation) and to derive management zones based on the combination of the respectively considered data sources. My current objective is to only investigate the individual data processing of the data sources (without calculation of management zones) in order to make them comparable at first.
My goal is to finish my literature review in September with a data-processing comparison (geostatistical workflow), an overview of the mentioned discussion and improvement points of the collected and analyzed literature, and my personal conclusion based on the derived “quality” values. 
For example, this is a literature source of my list:
I need your help to work responsibly through all these papers (approximately 200) and pull out all the important information.
Since the Pool of resource papers is too big to process by myself, I am looking for someone with experience in Geostatistics and ArcGIS to help me filter the necessary Information from those papers. I believe, you are the perfect fit to help me out by filling the blanks in my database. As of this moment, there is no automatic process available in order to derive the necessary information out of the literature.
Really looking forward to your reply. Your help and know-how would be a well-appreciated addition!