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Need a Freelance 3D Animator to create a video with 3D Character Design and Animation

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I am searching for a freelance animator to create 3D/4D cartoon-like animations for my project. In total, the animator will create 1 clip which will span approximately 2 minute. The deadline will be 2 weeks, which will begin after the story line is confirmed and agreed upon.

What I want is an animation advertisement as follows:


1.) One lawyer (preferably played by an animal) has so much work to do and he is trying to shuffle through files and books and struggling to type on the computer and meet deadlines. This lawyer is going through hell to get the job done.

2.) Another lawyer who has a job simply sends a WhatsApp message to Legal Assistant to prepare a contract of Merger and Acquisition stating all the required terms and other details.

3.) Within one hour the contract is ready, the second lawyer is done with the job and he is paid handsomely. He goes out to enjoy and relax with friends.

4.) The first lawyer is behind time and frustrated but the second lawyer is merry. The first asks the second what his secret is and he smiles and says, "I have a Legal Assistant".

5.) First lawyer begins to use Legal Assistant and is happier and better for it. His jobs are faster and even better because they are done by the best.

6.) First and second lawyer both go out and enjoy themselves together.

7.) They talk about more jobs to ship to Legal Assistant.

Environment -
An office with table and chair, shelves, books, laptop on the table, modem, printer somewhere, etc.

3D please.

Then celebration with other lawyers in the same office.

The second lawyer meets the first in his office before going home and they talk about legal assistant and other jobs to ship off to Legal Assistant.