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Need a Freelance 3D Animator to create a video

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I want to create a Climax scene of Jurassic Park type - wherein 1 or 2 of our actors are walking in a Jungle type area ..and then they hear a strange sound of Dinosaurs approaching ... and they gets afraid .. Suddenly two small dinosaurs ( around 6 to 8 feet Tall ) confronts them .. Our actor ( actors ) start running .. Dinosaurs are running after them ... It will be a run and chase scene for 1 minute.. and then 1 dinosaur of almost same size comes from the front ... and then our actors are being surrounded by 3 dinosaurs ( 2 which were following them from behind and 1 which comes from front ) .. and then there will be tense moment when all 3 are coming nearer and nearer making the circle smaller ... This will be a tense moment as viewer will assume that now the actors are going to die almost ... But then suddenly when one of the small dinosaur is about to eat our actor , a Bigger dinosaur comes in the scene and small dinosaurs run away ... and so our actors too ... I am sure you must have seen this scene in Climax as well as in the middle of many Hollywood movies ... Can you help create this scene .. What will you require from me .. Plwease let me know ... I can give you Raw Footage of Actors .. But as per your direction ... thanx