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Need a Ecommerce Marketplace website

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Brief: We want a fully funtional ecommerce marketplace website just like flipkat and amazon (not in the terms of complexity )  there are  4 parts of the project 
1) Admind pannel 
2) Seller pannel 
3) Customer pannel 
4) ticket raising/solving  panel 

Design Preferences:
 We want a simple e-commerce , which performs all the operation which ever is needed for eg add to cart , wishlist, delete from cart, out of stock, zoom in picture, and so on,
Limitation to guest
, for marketing purpose we want banner system on home page and different product pages of different categories and sub categories as well, which would be controlled by admin, 

seller pannel - this is the place where seller will upload the product and all the information will be reflected to our customer pannel, 
 you have also work on seller registration and verification,

Admin - all the controls of customer panel and seller product approval / seller ban / info about sales and traction website would all be in admin panel 

Static pages:   Homepage, categories, contact us, about us, start selling with us , search, 
Preferred Customizations:
Custom Banners for Homepage, product page, slider needed
Technology Preferences: CORE PHP