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Need a custom Website for coaching center

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Brief Features: I need some features in my website listed below:
1. Automatic Attendance in the system will be updated if students punch their i card.
2. If any student will be absent then system will detect it and send automatic sms to parents of that student.
3. Message to institute manager if fee is deposited.
4. Inquiry data stored in the system, that can be accessed(watched) from anywhere.
     Inquiry data automatically erase if student take admission who enquire.
5. Student database stored in the system and can be viewed by different criteria like batch wise, class wise etc.
6. A remainder will be sent to owner if fee of student not deposited on time.
7. While taking fee deposit, system will show current fee including pending fee and other charges.
8. There will be option for login from where owner can login to check all these data.
9. Another login account for receiptionist who will feed enquiry data, fee update,  upload notes for students, embed yotube videos of class etc.
Design Preferences: Front end will show only datas like Info about coaching center, photos, notes of students class/course wise, videos of classes/courses etc.
Budget can be increased but work should be best

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