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Need a custom Website

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I am looking for developers who can build an online banking
In personal computer

This video will show you what i want :

I want an exact copy of the bank like the video with the same system, design, colors and all details

Basic features plus
other features, which are :

Admin panel features :

• Whenever a new user signs up, his activity should reflect on the admin panel.

• Admin can update/delete/add a user account from the backend, manually.

• Admin should not have a way to see the sensitive information of the users for the sake of data privacy.

• Admin can put a limit on withdrawal, transfer and credit amount for users.

App features:

• Allow users to register himself by providing some basic information like name, and email id. (Don’t ask users to add personal details like birthday, age as it increases the complexity and may annoy some users. For such personal details, give them a separate window.)

• The base currency for the bank is USD ($)

• User should be able to transfer money to another user on the same platform.

• User should be able to withdraw money to a bank account.

• User should be able to deposit money to a bank account.

• Possibility to integrate the account to any other bank account

Note : * Important *

To Link Bank

The App must be able to add the routing number and account number

• The bank should store a user's credit/debit card data, which can be used to make money transaction at any time