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Need a custom Subscription Website

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I am looking for a full stack developer who can create a website with the same layout as, (we do not want adult content on our website just the same construction) or make a website with similar functionality as It is a social media subscription website for creators and fans. People will be able pay a subscription to see their favourite content creators content and the creators are then paid by us. Creators set a monthly subscription price and then get paid depending on how many subscribers they have. Their fans get to view their content which will be pictures, video's, music files and communicate with webcam and messaging. Creators can also charge fans to view extra premium content.

The creators will be able to add their twitter accounts to their profile and be able to upload content such as photos, video's and music files to their profile. The creators will be able to see instantly if someone has subscribed to them. 

- Must have FRONT-END AND BACK-END DEVELOPER skills to add all functionality to the website i.e API payment integration, video, photo files - I am not looking for a design only. 
Experience in ASP.NET, MVC, CAKE CodeIgniter, bootstrap, LARAVEL, HTML,CSS/ Angular, Framework etc or similar is desired. It needs to have the capabilities so fans can sign up, pay premium for special content from their favourite creator etc. 
- Must have experience in framework, clean coding, PHP, etc
- Experienced in logo design (desired but not essential)
*I have bought domain and hosting already.

- I am generally looking for someone who can make the site user friendly with an easy to use admin panel in the backend so removing or adding profiles, editing is easy. - Also being able to see information on each profile such as how many subscribers they have, much each influencer has earned, if they have a premium purchase etc is easy to see and user friendly for both administrator and creator. - The admin needs to have a pay out system so when creators reach a minimum amount they are automatically paid out on a weekly basis. - When someone is online, has uploaded new content etc their fans will be automatically notified via email. There will be a blog feature so that we can add information.- The website has to be social with emoji's easily attachable to profiles and other twitter handles. - Set up newsletter - Automatic email communication set up in admin for when someone joins, registers, cancels their subscription, previous subscriber email correspondence, takes up an offer, I.D confirmation correspondence acceptance/decline etc (All have to be easily editable by admin)- Easily add bank details and easily payout data system - I will edit general footer information myself such as terms and conditions, privacy page onto the template.  When you check out the example websites you will see all the capabilities/functions that need to be added.  

**************Please answer general questions below as we are in the process of shortlisting **************

1. How long will it take you to make the website?

2. Are you ready to instantly start the project?

3. Do you have examples of a website you have made similar or with similar functionalities please add the link in your response? If you have created a subscription website before please add examples in your reply, if you haven't please explain how you will do it and take a look at the example website to see that you are confident enough to complete the project before responding.

4.What you will be using to make the website?

5. How much will this cost at a fixed price?

6. Please add the link to your company website.      
I look forward to hearing from you