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Need a custom MLM Website

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We have domain and hosting
1:2 or 2:1 Binary generation product repurchase plan
Daily + monthly payouts
Super admin login /company login
Members details including business and achievements
Payout generation and release
Member tree view
Growth payouts profit loss graphical display
News feed
Video and image and product upload and upload

Leader login upgraded login of member on achievement
Team leaders - those who are promoted by member to the team leader post on business basis criteria
Members profile
Member bank details
It's business report
Daily and total directs with date and time
Total members
Daily and monthly joining
Earning daily monthly and total till date
What's app + linkedin + facebook+ email sharing for product promotion and new joinings
Genealogy treeview
Business graphical display to track business growth
Unlimited direct
Unlimited depth
Product catalogue and kart
Third party billing or selling option to member member can sell product to third party or bill the product to third party name from its login
Members contact uploading and inviting option

Member login. Is almost all same like leader login difference is of colour and achievement level when the senior leader of a member promotes it to a team leader his id transfers to the leaders login and leader can promote any member irrespective of depth who achieved a certain level

Free joining
Product booking or purchasing compulsory for id activation
Product display add to kart and purchase option
Payment gateway integration
Product repurchase business calculation
Repurchase commission 3 to 21 percent
Royalty from day one of joining
Company profit share on members numbers of directs and total business basis for specific period of profit announcement

Feedback complaint resolution form in every member login
Purchase of product option without membership option

Achievements on business BV business volume basis
Rewards. On Total Accumulative business
Request form for car and seminars meetings etc

We include here a crowd funding like so investment option for members in which two options are there one is of fix package of 6000 and other is free to decide by member from 1000 onwards in both returns are different 6000 is refundable after 6 years and he becomes eligible for profit share whether he works or not
In free type amount will be non refundable and he has to be a regular active member
Active mrmber-one who do one active direct monthly joining till his certain decided achievement after that he will be considered permanently active

In starting we will be putting 33 companies direct IDs on bid who pays the highest and also promises good business in three months of starting will get it, the amount they give will be fully refundable with 25 percent extra on condition of they have to atleast fullfil 75 percent of there promised business.