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Need a basic android app asap

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You’ve been hired by a local company to make their mobile app. The company is looking for something that will display all their products in a list, allow the user to click a product to see details about it and then save their order.Instructions:

  1. Check out the slide deck for ConstraintLayouts
  2. Create a home screen giving a few details about the company and containing a link to a Product activity
  3. Contain a central ArrayList of data which you use to store a list of products
  4. Create a Product activity that displays every product with each one being clickable
  5. Create a Display activity that will display details about the product depending on what item was clicked, for example it would display coffee details if the coffee item was clicked.
  6. Add a button to the Display activity that will take you to a check out.
  7. Create a Checkout activity that lets users input the name of the person making the order, how many they want and how they will pay (e.g radio button with Visa, Debit, Cash)
  8. Make sure you add comments explaining the most important parts of your app
  9. Add some extra features
Grading Criteria
The project will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • Well Designed and good looking layout
    • At least 4 activities, (1 home activity, 1 product activity, 1 display activity, 1 checkout activity)
    • The home activity displays details and contains a logo
    • The product activity displays at least 5 clickable products 
    • The product activity must pass data with an intent to the display activity
    • The display activity contains information about each product and a checkout button 
    • The checkout activity contains at least 3 user inputs
    • Use a clickable RecyclerView to hold the data containing each of the products on the Product activity
  • Layout Design  
    • Your text and graphical elements should 'work' together to create a unified message (e.g. Colours, imagery, font should work together and not confuse the message)
    • Make sure to not bunch your UI elements together; use spacing appropriately
    • Overall appeal: the pages are eye-catching, stylish and display information appropriately
  • Coding Practices 
    • The code is well-commented, especially in areas that you found difficult to program
    • Variable names use Android best practices (see Chapter 12)
    • Variable scope is set appropriately
    • Validation to prevent runtime exceptions
    • Methods are used to prevent repeating code
  • Extra Features
  • Adding some extra features can add up to 30% to your assignment grade. Here are some ideas:
    • Learn about SQL databases
    • Improve the design
    • Use a fragment instead of an activity to implement the product section