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Need a Android Application

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App should be very user friendly with proper graphics images [use abstract graphics only].
App size should not exceed 30mbs and it should ask user to access the sms inbox so that OTP validation can be done without user intervention.
User can use this app without stopping existing running application like YouTube or any other applications.
User login should be enabled with OTP & Splash screen.
Forgot/Reset functionality that must enable user to re-activate the account with a new OTP.
User profile page to enter the basic details like name, email etc.
After OTP validation the landing/dashboard page should be loaded that should show the latest notifications which can be anything means text, images, videos, mp3, songs etc.
User can forward the messages, images, and videos to another user who has the same app installed but they can’t delete/edit any messages, images, videos.
App should be integrated with third part APIs for mobile and utility bill payments & with Google map for location identification.
For each transaction user will get coins in their digital vault which can be redeemed when it reaches the desired number.
Redeem catalog page to check what the user will get when she/he will redeem the coins.
User can’t upload video or images to the app, only they can forward