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Need A Android App to perform live event using RTMP.

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Application Type: Native 

Brief: Need a android app to go live through rtmp on vimeo server. android app have user interface  like zoom or WebEx.  
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1. User has a form to create a live event which includes
-event title
-event date
-event schedule time
-password for event
-image of event
2. Now we have call vimeo event create API by passing required field from form and get its
response. This response includes ----
-Stream key
- ID of event
3. After getting response from vimeo create event API we call a api to Our PHP Server and save this
form data and vimeo event create response data.

4. After that we have a screen which has event created by user –
For this we can make a call to api from PHP Server and get data the data include a list of created
event which have all the necessary information along with rtmp stream key and rtmp stream server
5. We have a Go Live button on an event created by user. After clicking go live, a user interface will
open to start live streaming (RTMP Protocol) by using rtmp stream key and url.
6. On invitees side we can make a call to API from PHP Server and get data, these data include a list
of live event videos for this invitees. The data has vimeo video url and all required information.
7. By clicking on event video we have to play live video through player in our app.

Designs: UI Designs are to be made.
APIs Status: APIs are already developed 
Backend Technology (APIs): APIs already developed in PHP

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.