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Native Android App Modification => Java

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Sharing Application



Android Apps


1. Driver App.

  => Review
& remove the signup feature that requires driver to choose car type & category. Then define how this can
assigned. A single driver should be able to be added to multiple car ride options

  => Review
& simplify how we see trips that are owed. Current UI for this is not

=> Maps
should work within the app such that there is no need for a driver to download
Google Map or Waze. Currently, when a driver starts a trip, external GPS is

Geofenced promotion lasting. (a) To last
for a set time & number of trips e.g. from 7am -9am X promo amount for X
number of uninterrupted trips.

    (b). Promo
for a defined time and total number of trips e.g. 40 trips for Friday 4AM to
Monday 4AM to get X promo amount.

=> Review
manual booking. If the admin manually assigns a driver, driver will receive
notification about but cannot see the trip request afterward to start it when
it’s time to go and pick up rider. ** We
can do without this feature for now**


2. Rider App.

  => Remove
PayPal & Stripe payments


3. Both Apps.

  => Referral

  => The
current push notification is poorly designed in both apps. Drivers & riders
can receive a push notification but cannot it after they read it once.  

  => Add
multi-language with high accuracy -> French, Swahili, Arabic, etc.


4. Web App.

=> Have
long trips that are added in driver app automatically be listed on the website
and visible for visitors.

  => Ability
for riders to search long trips on website by entering pickup location and

  => Remove
the sign up to company on the web. This URL should be private.


*** Everything below has no cost
attached ***


 Existing but needs confirmation.


 => Riders
can see active drivers listed in app when they want to request trips. This feature is there and we will have to confirmed again.

=> Riders
see drivers moving to pick them up and route. This feature is
there and we will have to confirmed again.



We made few changes recently and forgot to update the
API with these changes. For this reason, we can login into the apps. Two
independent developers examine the source code and gave the same report.


Changes made:

1.  Changed
hosting provider.
2.   Changed SSL certificate provider.


*** We may require monthly maintenance afterwards***


Tech Stack
in Use


1.  Java

2.  PHP

3.  Laravel  
4.  MySQL

5.  Firebase 

6.  Etc.