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MySQL Database that Helps Employees Inform Customers with Recommendations

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Brief: I would like to make a matching database that makes recommendations for people based on information about them. The purpose is to design an office space within someone's home so that they can work remotely from their computer. there's going to be tables about what sort of office space we can build based on the worker. And then tables describing potential recommendations. And then we match users to recommendations. There is no registered business behind this project.  It might take months or years until I get my first customer.
Design Preferences: Front-end is not that important, but I would like it to work a but like a dating app such as OKCupid or Tinder.  On OKCupid or Tinder, users can see the men or women within a certain distance from them and then they have they option to indicate interest to find out more about the person. There would be some queries that are similar to a dating app cause people are choosing between options that are feasible (no deal breakers), and then following up.  It would be different, because for this app, it would be the company who follows up with them, and they would be discussing what sort of product the client would be offered (not where they would have their first date).  This app would be very simple, and it could be done in MSAccess or just in a text editor such Notepad++ for the MySQL code.  If things get more complicated, I might decide to take the direction of a PHP server.  The client would not have to see the database, it's only employees who would use it to improve their productivity.
Static pages:  At least 1 form for the customer's information (the customer is the person who needs us to design a new home office).  The client information would include the details about their home and questions that would tell us what type of home office to recommend them.  There might also be a form for the employer that had hired our customer, since would partially reimburse the employee's use of our services.   Queries are needed to produce the result of a match between users and potential recommendations. The queries will be matching people to recommendations in a fashion similar to a dating app.  There should also be a home page for the file of the customer with the links to all of the features that can be added or updated.  There would also be a summary for the business that shows all of the current customers.
Preferred Customizations:
I am not worried about web design or user interface.  This is just a prototype, so I don't want to waste time with this.