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My Project Is an Smart Voice Assistant Application

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Smart Assistant is an android application designed for people and acts
as a voice assistant for them. This application is used to assist the people. This
application contains several Modules such as OK Doctor, Email, Booking,
Emergency and etc.
Each Module can be worked based on Voice Recognition. OK Doctor
Module is used to interact with the people as a personal health assistant. It gives
the awareness of the diseases and also gives the home remedies for that
diseases. This Module is interacting with the people by voice recognition. This
module is also used to access the most important features of the Mobile Phone
like call, message, time, alarm setting, browser opening and etc.
Email Module is used to send the email by using voice recognition.
Initially, it speaks a welcome message & afterwards, allows user to induce their
answer. Certain commands like To, Subject, Message, Send, Cancel are
implemented with user friendly interaction talks. Thus enabling everyone to
control their mail accounts using their voice only and to be able to read, send
and perform all the other useful tasks.