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Music streaming website that will work optimized for mobile phones

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I am looking for a simple cross combination app that is a cross between for audio enhancement and pandora/Apple Music for music streaming with AI that can help study users music use patterns like Pandora and Apple music.

Please let me know what your vision is based on my requirements and let me know your thoughts.

Project Overview

Create a platform named as Audiojam, which is an audio enhancement, peer to peer review and independent music streaming system with simple AI functionalities to include smart playlists, list of songs friends have liked or listened, artist latest tracks and collaborations, popular tracks via global charts, recommended related albums and artists, stations based on artist and genre, listening histories and music sharing. The platform allows the users to enhance their music for a fee afterwards they have the option to upload their music to a charting system where the song can be reviewed using a sophisticated rating system to generate popularity rankings for each artist and maintain charts of these rankings. all required features have been split in different Sprints for easy implementation.
The task details and for each Sprint are mentioned below:

Sprint 1

a. Phase 1
i. User system
ii. User Profile Interface
iii. Manage Account interface
iiii. Song Browsing/Discovery Interface
v. Playlist management system

Smart playlists

list of songs friends have liked

List of songs friends have listened

Artist latest tracks and collaborations

Popular tracks via global charts

Recommended related albums and artists

Stations based on artist and genre,

Listening histories

Music sharing.
vi. Song Playing Interface
vii. Song Management Dashboard
viii. View and Manage Wallet

Sprint 2

a. OpenX -
i. Completing Audio Mastering tool
ii. Completing the community hub
iii. Completing the credit exchange system
iiii. Top 50 tracks featured on onsite radio station and satellite radio

Sprint 3

a. Admin Web Panel development –

Sprint 4

a. Phase 2
i. Charting system
ii. Review system

Sprint 5

a. Phase 3 + Blog Integration -
i. Subscription System
ii. Earnings can be used to buy Audio Jam merchandise.
iii. Blog Integration

Assumptions & Exclusions

Re-Design & HTML implementation of the new design –
● Source Codes
● Admin Panel
● User Manual Documentation
● Admin tutorial via video call