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Multivendor ecommerce using wordpress / laravel etc

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I want a coder to create a multivendor ecommerce site with feature to enable any vendors / sellers to list their products & enable them to manage it. Admin can manage from backend either to enable vendors/sellers to list for free or for a fees. Also can enable for advertising. 

admin will have the option to auto approve or manual approve after checking their infos.

admin also can auto approve any vendors / sellers & also have the option to verify any of them.. when they are verified, they will hv a "verified" icon.

all users also can rate each others with comments & admin can manage it from backend.

also need the blog features too... and landing pages for promotions / advertising purposes... 

There must be forms for users/visitors who visited the landing pages to fill in their info for example to attend a seminar or to download a free ebook etc. and when they input their data at the landing pages, all info will be included in the phpmyadmin as well as at the wpadmin backend.

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