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Multiuser Buddypress Appointment Plugin to organize speeddating business events

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We organize matchmaking events where we sell the opportunity to make 1to1 meetings to attendees. To our sponsors we even guarantee to arrange 1to1 meetings between them and potential customers (e.g. invited decision makers). Depending on the contract the specific number of meetings is limited.

Matchmaking can be done with xprofile fields. But there is no plugin for the mutual inviting and accepting of meetings within defined timeslots.

We need a multi-user mutual calendar to organize speed-dating business events with the help of BuddyPress. The plugin should have a lot of editing options on the admin side (like defining a time structure with time slots, defining rules with privileges, i.e. number of meeting invites and accepts per user role).

Admin side:

- Setting up a random time structure for a specific event, typically one or two days with time slots, ideally with various lengths
- Definig user roles
- Giving right to users to invite other users using the time slots from the time structure
- Defining the max number of meetings for a user based on own invites (role-based)
- Giving right to users to accept invites from other users
- Defining the max number of meetings for a user to be accepted (role-based)
- Right to “overwrite” user arranged meetings, i.e. force or avoid specific meetings
- Define which xprofile fields to be displayed in the user’s itinerary
- Activate or deactivate user email notifications
- Matrix with all users, i.e. event attendees, and all meetings in a time table
- More elaborated (not necessary if too complicated): Setting up user groups consisting of users belonging to one sponsoring company, pooling max number of invites for the group (this is for sponsors who buy the right to arrange e.g. 20 meetings and show up with 3 consultants helping the consultants to arrange the meetings individually without overleaps) 

User side:

- Showing number of meeting request available (counting down to 0)
- Showing number of meeting acceptances available (counting down to 0)
- “Request Meeting” Button
- Calendar shows availability of the other user
- Choose a free time slot  Invite user --> Success message
- Message “User xy requested a meeting”  “Accept” or “Decline”
- Message “User xy accepted your invite”
- Calendar showing personal itinerary with admin-defined information in it (xprofile fields), typically name and company, but admin might decide otherwise.
- More elaborated (not necessary if too complicated: Showing group calendar with invited meeting partners meeting only with one member of the group