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Moving Average Crossovers and Filtering of Large Market Symbol Datasets

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Need a wondows 10 app that allows me to set some 2 criteria for moving average crossovers and few other elements. This app runs under windows 10 hand has some simple gui interface to open source project in I wish open source project to be converted to csharp and then allow importation into the program interface where symbols will reside in a portfolio window . Then..I want a toggle to allow me to turn on or off filtering. I give you six different sets of rules..and then all the thousands of symbols in a historical database are imported in batch mode. The thousands of symbols are imported into an in memory database or sql lite or something like that. I then apply each symbols historical data against six crossover moving average rules(these will be weekly or biweekly or monthly moving averages)  with a few additional constraints...and then all of the thousands of symbols are converted into six categories. Ability to set numerical value of the short and long averages is mandatory by gui window selection.  Each symbol fullfilling criteria for a category is then placed into one of six gui windows. These will be phase windows. So if i look at the program.. i will see my portfolio of thousands of symbols..then i will see six additional windows that i can scroll down thru the symbols that reside in the six categorical window frames. There should be ability for me to highlight any symbols from any gui window by holding shift key down and up or down arrow key..or hitting ctl key and left click mouse.  There shoudl be a toggle in each gui window saying: Toggle All  or Toggle Off. In this way..i can take all the symbols out of one of the six gui screens and copy and paste them to notepad or other program enviroments. 

This code needs to be modular, safe array, and extensible . i wish to perhaps extend the project to other filters in the weeks to come. I might ask for stepwise filtering..whereby i determine phases then apply other trading metrics one after another to narrow the list of symbols down to something tolerable. But that would be after the initial project or milestone one is completed. 

Need delivery in 10-14 days...I will supply you with rule sets for the six phases if you are the best bidder. I will supply you by email my large data files which are 300mb size for stocks, etfs, mutual funds and indices. It is required you give me somewhere to email you a link to a big file transfer. I am looking for skilled c# / dotnet programmer. Program need to be able to use high memory levels over 32gb and multithreads and cores  and should be safearray . No program shutdows. if error occurs...then throw a log file and popup  a gui and report the error or errors found during importation or number crunching. The moving average codes in all languages are found at Winning bidder will recieve the logic to making this filter. I will also send open source project called Fizzle for you to append and modify on the frontend...thanks..ric