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Modified MS-DOS Program exe without source code

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To all masters,

The modifications I want are as follows:

1. Display themes and company names can be replaced as desired so that they can be used by other branches and can be full screened

2. Can print, preview with a USB printer, dot matrix printer and each module can be printed with a choice of print all and print text only and there is also a choice of pages

3. Can be used for Windows (XP, 7,8,8.1,10) 32 bit or 64 bit

4. For sales and return returns, there is a problem if it is removed from the transaction but it still appears in the stock card that has an effect and for return purchases can be processed directly with items with qty and price as well as sales returns.

5. Applications Can be locked according to the number of the CPU or laptop machine so that the application cannot be as desired installed on another computer

This application has long been used from 2002 until now & the application was made by the Clipper software.
Note: The application has no source code & if the application can be modified, the source code will be mine. 
The source code belongs to me and can copy paste in the search stock item and transaction number

Thank you
Note : Extract files that I attach to drive c (C:\Util & C:\STACK). 
The application is in the util folder named CAMUS.EXE