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It will be a B2B application. Application will have four types of user:
a. Distributor - They are the supplier of products for retailers. Each distributor is mapped to
one or more than one PINCODE. It means they will serve retailers who have business in
those PIN areas.
b. Sales person - They are appointed by distributor. One sales person can work under one
distributor at a time.
c. Retailer - They send requisitions to distributors to fulfil their product requirement. They
are mapped to the distributor who is serving his pincode area.
d. Portal Admin - They will be able to see all users of the system and will have full control
to activate/ deactivate any user.
Distributor Dashboard
1. Distributor will login to the system and will be to see the requisitions sent by client today.
Total Cash in/ out on today.
2. Distributor will set his/her profile from my profile page. There he will set the payment
details that will be used at the time of transaction.
3. Dashboard will have link to create pincode list, create/ update product inventory, View
retailer list and their details, List of requisitions, List of payments received/ due..
4. Create PINcode list - Distributor will add/ edit pin codes that they will cover.
5. Create/ update product inventory - The distributor will create an inventory of products
available with him. He will also enter a set of pincodes where he can give service. There will be no management for procurement of products in this system.
6. View retailers - This page will show a list of retailers registered under the distributor.
There will be an option to view details of the retailers. It will also have a link to see the requisitions sent by retailers and payments due from that retailer.
7. View requisitions - Distributor will open the list of requisitions. Clicking a record will showthe details of the requisition. If the distributor is willing to accept the requisition, he will
call the retailer, discuss payment terms. If terms are acceptable to both parties, the
distributor will click accept button and proceed to set payment terms. There are 3
possible payment terms to choose from: a. COD (Cash On Delivery), Advance, Credit.
Once the payment term is set, retailer will receive an email/ sms with amount to pay,
method of payment selected, bank details of the distributor/ google pay qr code. Once a
deal is agreed between distributor and retailer, the quantity opted by retailer will be set
as intransit by the distributor.
8. View dispatch - The accepted order will be assigned to a sales representative to deliver
the item to retailer. That sales person will have a login into this system. Distributors will
be able to track the location of the sales person using GPS tracking mechanism. 9. View payments - Once retailer sends payment, distributor will make a new payment
entry in the system with full details of the payment. Once payment is received, quantity
take by retailer will be deducted from distributor’s stock.
10. View sales person list - Distributor will be able to create sales person login into the system. He will have the right to deactivate any sales person account at any point of
time.He can also see current assignments of the sales persons.
11. Report - Distributor will see monthly visit report for each sales person.
Sales peron dashboard
1. Sales person will login to the system and view his assignments.
2. View assignments - He will go to the list of assignments and view details of each assignment.
3. Upload tour plans - He will enter his daily work into the system. It will have following
inputs: date, place of visit, purpose of visit.

B2B Portal
This will be a website with information about the portal. Portal will have a link to self register for
the retailers. Clicking registration link will ask for following information:
Company name
Contact person name
Mobile number
Once a user submits these info, an OTP will be sent to their mobile. They need to input the OTP
to confirm the registration. On successful registration, retailers will be able to login to the app. Once user logs in, next time onwards he will not be prompted for login again unless he tries to login with a different device.

Retailer Dashboard
1. Retailers will login to the system and will be able to see his current stock of various
items, see status of delivery of the requested items, view payment history.
2. View profile - Retailer will be able to see the profile details he entered during self
registration. Details can be updated from this panel.
3. Send requisitions- They will select products from the pre-defined list and mention
quantity for each product. On successful submission, the request will go to the
distributor. Once the request is accepted, they will get a notification. Once they make
payment for a confirmed order, they will get another notification with order confirmation.
4. View payment history - Retailer will be abe to see transaction history of all payments made.

Portal Admin
He is the super user who has control over all users of the system. He can create new distributor
login into the system. He can also see all transactions made through the system.

We need to be available on Google playstore as well as Apple store. So it can be developed as a hybrid app.

We want to start asap.