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MLM for Credit Repair Company

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This project has 3 parts, one is the Web Design of the
company site that would give each member the possibility to have their own
slightly personalized website with their personal information and their own
link or subdomain.

The second part of the project is the Dashboard for the
administrator, sales agents and end customer. Where the administrator will be
able to manage the entire company, the agent will manage the clients and the
clients will see the status of their process.

Finally the third stage would be mobile application for
Iphone and Android.


Stage 1

A dynamic content website, with the option to display
affiliate details in the header.

Suppose Jon Doe decided to join the Fixer UP Credit team, he
signed up from the website.

In the registration process, Jon Doe selected the user who
would be jondoe, therefore his domain would be When Jon
Doe registered, he had to pay a registration of 99 dollars, of these 9 dollars,
50 are for Javier Lazo, who was his link. It was used for the Jon Doe sign up.

In this way Jon Doe will be able to access his dashboard and
see his family tree with all the people who have registered below it, and he
will be able to know how much money he has earned by registering each person as

But this would not be the only way to receive compensation
Jon Doe, because he also has compensation for each client who registers in the
portal as a client and not as an Agent.

All commissions must be traceable in addition to cookies for
30 days so that if I go to today but tomorrow I go to for 30 days, cookies allow me to track the sale to


Stage 2

The dashboard should have 3 different views

1- Administrator and Sales Agents

2- Affiliates

3- Clients


A series of functions of a dashboard


Stage 3

Web application for IOS and Android with access to the