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Mlm Bitcoin İnvestment Platform Website

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Project  Bitcoin Mlm İnvestment Platform
General Description: Mlm İnvestment Platform, Bigwhale is the investment platform. It is a kind of multi-level marketing project. all investments and repayment will be made through the crypto-currency Bitcoin. In determining the amount of users that can get regular monthly passive income investments is a dynamic platform.
General Details
1- main page.
2- login page.
3- sign-up.
4- user dashboard with 4 possible investment plans.
withdraw pincode  user must be set or mail every time,  or when login different ip need mail approve this is may be
2  Main  balance (passive incomes)   / affiliate balance (network incomes)   seperated,  affiliate and investment balance withdrawable and admin area each user must be blocked and unbblocked feature withdraw. 
5- user profile.
6- user wallet(top-up, deposit, withdraw).
7- admin backend.(standart features block unblock, bonus, edit users, edit payment method deposit method, and setting marketing values, and investment packages editable, witdraw requests, approve and declined, detailed deposit reports, withdraws reports, all data must be saved day by day hour hour,
system reports, active packages dates opening time, deposit time if possible, manuel bonus penalty section each user, detail transactions.)
Minimum and maximum withdraw are set by admin

8- admin hyip plan definition/selection
9- a well defined database.
11- a payment structre I prefer this to be a custom solutions (bitcoin,, blockchain api etc.)12-  security coding clean design needed.
12-  User Login, New Register, forgot  password, Welcome mails send by automaticaly. Admin can send all users or user by user anoucement
13- Dynamic News/Anounce area
14- Dyanmic Page for live trading html code enabled area admin  add content
15- İf it possible multilanguage