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Migration and arrangement of functionalities in woocommerce shop

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Hello! We are, a Spanish startup with a shop based in Wordpress-Woocommerce, in 4 lenguages using wpml.

We have been having serious problems with our website (product names that desapear, products that run out od stock, etc.) due to the large number of plugins, so we decided to replicate it in English, clean it, and do it again. Now, we have the website replicated (, but it needs adjustments. So, what do we need?

1.- We need to make design adjustments in the new website, in the products, in the cart and in the checkout so that they have a look as similar as possible to the current website. These adjustments are few and not much work (margens, typographies etc.), but they are important to us.

2.- We need to control that ALL the web is responsive, both on mobile and tablet.

3.- We need to add a supermenu, and add some more product categories.

4.- We need to enable 3 more languages (Spanish, German and French) - We have and will put the contents.

5. We need the ENTIRE purchase process to work perfectly and the payment platforms (paypal and stripe) to work perfectly.

6.- We would like to hear suggestions to make thiswebsite much faster.

7. Once we have put all the contents in the languages, migrate the website and replace it with the current one.

In the FUTURE we have much more work. If this goes well, we will continue working :)

Thank you very much!