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Medical Transcriptionist / Proof-reader

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Editing and proofreading of voice recognition software generated medical transcripts.

Requirements/Job Description:

Excellent written and oral communication skills, including grammar, punctuation, and style, in order to provide consistent quality feedback to the transcriptionists and supervisors.

Arrangement for stable internet and electricity.

Demonstrate ability to work in all work types and specialties.

Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, signs and symptoms, medications, and laboratory values.

Excellent acoustical skills.

Ability to understand diverse accents, dialects, and varying dictation styles.

Proficient in researching, reporting, tracking, and monitoring.

Ability to work independently with minimal or no supervision.

Ability to operate computer, multiple software applications, transcription equipment, and other equipment necessary, including the ability to accept voice/text files in multiple formats and word processing software.

Organizational skills for file management.

Ability to communicate QA concerns/questions effectively with client/user.

Additional Information:

Our Quality Assurance Editor position is a work from home position.

You will be responsible for reviewing the finished transcribed document along with the audio to ensure that the document matches the audio.

QA reports generated by a voice recognition software.

Format assigned reports.

Wages will be determined on your experience and availability.