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MEAN Stack developer Needed

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Hello there,    

I'm looking for a Nodejs/Mean Stack developer to develop a team chat Saas Application

Your role:
->To develop the backend of team chat web application using Nodejs
-> To develop the frontend of the web app using latest Angular or react
-> Use electronjs to develop a desktop application for this web app!

NOTE: The UI design(in psd or xd files) is ready, I can send it to potential candidates for review. You can easily understand the requirements using the UI images and then tell me if you're able to do this or not! 

Some nitty details: 
->Users can send messages between each other through in-app messages or emails(by connecting users email to ubblu account)
->Dropbox/Google Drive Integration for users to share files
->Communication happens between users in the form of channels and direct personal messages
->Powerful search mechanism(like sky-pe messages search) to search for messages
->Integration with an existing Billing System(Connect the backend of app to an existing billing for managing the billing)

Technical Notes:
->Use typscript or flow in Node js
->Develop Everything as a Microservice
->Build a highly scalable application
->Use websockets & MQs
-> Use React latest for developing the app's frontendd
->Use mogodb & express js

You need to have understanding/knowledge of using WebSockets and MQs as that's required for developing my app! 

I'd prefer developer who has built a SaaS application from scratch in the past! 


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