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Mask product images into white background

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I would like someone to mask product images 
Must have clear white background 
image must be more than 600 x 600 less than 1200 x 1200 pixels
masked image must be roughly covering 95 percent of the image ( meaning not too much white background )
I can show you the tools to use like Gimp and lightshot but you can use your own programs if you feel like
image must be given as .jpg or .png file 
Images cant have any dropshadow and must have clean white background
Images must e relatively smooth and must not look jaggered or badly masked ( product image must look neat ) 
centralize and straighten image
You can possibly find sample image online if you can 

If there is a product description of the product on the box it needs to be written on notepad 

How much would you charge per masked image or groups of 5 or 10 images at time? with possible description of the product on some of the products 
How lng would 5 or 10 images take ?

please see examples below of products and images that are masked and backgrounds removed to make white