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Market Research - Oil & Gas Completion

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Our company requires market analysis to determine current and future trends in well completion in oil and gas markets in various countries (priority USA). This analysis should contain an in-depth analysis of technical data for completion equipment
(such as liner hanger, Packers, centralizers, etc.).

Market analysis should contain:
1) Technical part
2) Commercial part
3) Customer research
4) Possible cooperation parters

1) Technical part for all types of completion equipment

For example:
Operational Parameters of Liner Hanger Packer
Maximum OD
Minimum ID
Pressure rating
Temperature rating
Tensile Max
Hanging capacity
Maximum flow rate
Type of steel (carbon/CRA)
Rotational capability
(drill-in/reaming/while cementing)
Torque Max
Cementing objective (shoe/zonal isolation)
Element differential pressure/Material/ISO Validation V
Bypass Area Unset/Set Min (Max Weight)

2) Commercial part
Analysis should contain approximate prices of all types of equipment.

For example:
Cemented liner hanger set - __ $
Liner Hanger 7'' in 9 5/8'' with rotating during RIH
Hydraulic packer 7'' to be set in 9'' well bore
Centralizers 7'' to be set in 9'' well bore (amount in one well - 100 pcs)

3) Customer research

Analysis should contain a list of customers with information about the amount of wells per year and the type of completion equipment used.

4) Possible cooperation parters
you are welcome to provide information about possible cooperation with partners who have completion technologies to work or create production joint venture in other countries.

Please answer below questions in your bid.

1.What should contain set of multi-fracturing well completion equipment?

2. What OD of hydraulic packer should be if bit diameter is 152 mm, casing size 114 mm, cavern porosity is up to 170 mm?

3. What type of completion equipment is required to be used in case of hydrogen sulphide more than 70%?