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Maintaining accounts by commenting on forums, interacting with others, making own posts

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Estimated Hours - 35
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I am offering a fairly easy-to-do part-time freelance for the approximate duration of 4-6 weeks, at around an hour of your time per day. You will need to maintain a number of accounts on a few discussion boards (forums). By maintaining is meant simple comment writing from time to time, interacting with other forum visitors and making your own posts rarely. The topic of the forums is women’s beauty and wellness.

The job is done fully in English and does not involve any fraud, extortion, trading fake stocks and values or any other subject that commonly has some scam in it. You will get a VPN access for this task. 

Basic requirements:
– upper intermediate English writing skills 
– basic competence computer skills (having multiple browsers, being capable of writing comments closely, following the chronology and avoid mixing account profiles) 

You advantage is:
– proven skills in copywriting
– pevious experience in the same kind of tasks

The payment scheme is determined by us together when we define the exact amount of working hours per period, the money will be paid accordingly per hour, not for the whole project as it can end earlier or later than the planned date. The declared rate in this task is only a blunt estimation, please specify your quote for this task and provide some basic information about you and previous experience: projects, articles or posts you were involved in, if there are any.

Thanks for attention,

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