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Magento application setup on Google cloud Platform - URGENT

  • Posted at : 7 months ago
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Estimated Hours - 60
Skills Required

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We are looking for a price to setup Magento 2.3 on Google Cloud with the below Techstack.

1.Ubuntu 18.04 with all the security updates
2.PHP 7.2
3. PHPMyAdmin Update version which works with PHP 7.2
4. Varnish
6.Open port 3306 so we can do remote connections direct to the DB
7.Transfer our site from another hosting provided and setup on this server making sure it working with no error
8. Ongoing support if we need it.

We need this completing within the next 48 hours hours please

Required skills :
1.Strong knowledge of Docker and architecture of Magento 2.
2.Someone who had a great experience in tuning up the performance of the magneto 2.
3.Experience with distributed memory object caching systems, Memcache, Varnish cache is a must.
4.One who verifies and validates the development process, ensuring adherence to quality standards and methodology.
5.Strong understanding of Design Patterns
6.Strong database architecture skills, MySQL knowledge, experience interacting with database systems through an abstraction layer
7.Stronghold on Linux and other operating systems.
8.Strong Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes.