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Lyrics of movie songs

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per song Rs. 10/-

Terms and condition
(as shown in last)
1. I will provide
a. title of the song
b. album/movie name
c. singer
2. you have to provide me
Complete and correct song lyrics
As per attachment
3. everyday new fresh list is shared with you in the morning 8 am
4. you have to follow everyday fresh song list shared with you
5. you have to share song lyrics same day before 8 pm everyday
6. incomplete and late submission songs will not be paid
7. Every day I will give you minimum 20 songs out of which you have to submit at least 5 songs. You will do as many songs will able to do.
8. Please listen songs at least once on YouTube
9. Please do not do songs which are more than 8 minutes
10. Please do not do songs which are in other language
11. Payment will be made fortnightly,
a. in a month 1 to 15 days payment will be made on 25th to 27th of the same month
b. for the dates 16 to 30 payment will be made on 11th to 13 of the next month
12. If you want leave the project in-between you have to inform us before 7 days. Otherwise your payment will not be released.
13. You have to at least submit 75 songs lyrics (complete and correct) in fifteen days to gate paid.

title of the song Kushi – Kannada Version
singers:Stephen Pratheek
movie name:Kushi