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Lookly for weekly Python tutorial content writer

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I am looking for someone to write content for my

Python programming language channel. You need to have
programming knowledge.

Currently I am busy with some projects, studying some

but I want to release more videos for my youtube


This will be a weekly ongoing position,
and each article is $5. So I am looking for a long term writer.

The content will be written in a Jupyter Notebook,
so it's easy for me to test and give back feedback.

The articles should be comprehensive.
If we talk about string formatting for example (last

article done), it should be a very comprehensive

article on that topic covering all common widely used


This position is great for someone interested in

learning about various Python functionalities or data

structures to a greater granular level.

I will gain the rights to this work so I will also have the right to modify and use the

article as I please.

You CANNOT publish the same article or sell the
article to someone else, without my permission.
You can be credited for the work  if you please.

If you are interested in this position, you need to

have a blog, GitHub, python code or write an article

on Python to show me.

DO NOT COPY material from another blog etc directly.
You can use materials from blogs as inspiration but

direct copy is no good.

You also need to list ALL references.