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Looking for Video Editor for my social media account

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Looking for some one who can edit my raw cooking video footage per my taste: 
Here is what i expect:
Trim/cut down raw footage where needed to make output  sharp/crisp
slow motion effects where applicable ( use your own judgement, raw footage is in60 fps)
color grading
smooth transition
motion graphics where ( smooth zoom, smooth rotation etc)
recipe ingredients text addition 
attractive thumbnails for multiple social platforms
Music addition (options) - i can add on my own 
video output in preferred frame rate,and in diff pixel formats 

NOTE:  Budget is LIMITED per video @ economy rates - as i will have several hundreds of videos of work for you in long term. 

I am looking for video editing not just for one video , but for all my upcoming cooking videos - lets say approx 100 videos over next couple of months.and, it will only grow from there.

 Please look at my some of my videos, which i have edited on my own: Link:

 I dont have enough time to do it on my own, so i am looking for help.. please look at my videos, and let me know if this is some thing you would be interested , be able to help..

 meanwhile, i have couple of questions:
 1. how will you better my videos ?
 2. how much time you take for complete edit?

3. raw footage runs for 20-25 minutes, about 10 GB size, how to transfer files securely ?

4. how will you deliver edited content to me?

5. how do i know my raw footage, or final edited video is not misused or placed in social media by you , before i use it?
6. what all info you would need from me to get started with editing?

7. if you watched my videos, it has cooking ingrediants info + process info,, how do you plan to add same when you edit ?
 8. Do you have any preference on what pixels, frame rate i should shoot raw footage ? or light setup of exposure prefernce when i shoot raw footage ?

9. as you notice in my videos, it has blue light exposure, will you be able to enhance to professional looking food videos ? or is it some thing i need to take care while sooting raw footage, i am happy to upgrade shooting light/setup earch, just need some guidance on this well for better quality.

Please let me know if you need any other inf from me. appreciate your time.