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Looking for Thai English Speaking Virtual Assistant

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We are an growing e-commerce store in Thailand looking for a virtual assistant to the director on a freelance basis.
The potential for a regular job or permanent position if performed well and when company grows to a larger scale.

Job includes
- assistant to the director to translate some text from English to Thai.
Example. The director will come up with a short write up about a product, or a social media post. You are expected to translate them into Thai language accurately for it to be posted on the website or fan page

- occasional help out on social media page to reply to comment in Thai language
this will not be too active as we already have a social manager. You will only need to help out if the social media manager is on holiday. 

What can you benefit?
- salary
- opportunity to do this long term
- direct interaction with the top man (director) in the company
- training and development of digital marketing personally mentored by the director
- as an early joiner, you have the opportunity to be considered for a higher position when the company grows given your experience. 

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