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Looking for someone to promote my Python programming videos on Facebook groups #2

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The goal is to find high engagement groups where members are willing to share and like the videos.
There are a lot of programming groups on Facebook, some are strict with promoting so you may need to be

an active member of these groups: meaning before you can link my videos,
you may need to make other posts etc.

I am looking for a long-term marketer who will promote daily.

Goal is to find 7-14 groups that have high engagement,
and post in one to two groups (if we have 14 groups), daily.

This will ensure we are not spamming the groups (as we only posting once a week).

I have tested out facebook, and I have found some highly engaging groups, but
you may have to participate in those groups a little bit.

This project will consist of 14 posts in 14 groups (one post per group)
We can either post once a day or twice a day (two groups) but no more than that.

I will provide you with a pool of videos to promote,
it's better to mix-up the videos when posting to different groups;
Additional, within the pool of videos,
you may have playlists, or multiple videos assigned as one video.

If I want to promote two videos as a package (Logging part one, and Logging part two),
link both if you can. If not, link the first part and NOT the second part.

As for playlists, they are only one link, so you don't have to worry about that.

In addition to posting you will need to:

1) Keep track of which video you are posting and on which day.
Use an excel sheet (google sheet for this);

For example:

Day 1 - March 18  Python Group Training   link_to_posted_video    name_of_video
Day 2 - March 19  Python Group Advanced   link_to_posted_video    name_of_video


The google sheet should be shared with me from the beginning,
so I can see how each post is affecting my channel;

2) Let me know when you have posted something, so I can see what
affect it's having.

Ideal candidate is a student programmer who uses some of these groups.