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Looking for someone to create Django tutorials

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I am looking for someone to write Django tutorials for my Python programming language channel.
You NEED TO HAVE experience with Python programming and have good written English.
So I expect to see either some projects you have worked on, github, or some blogs.
If not you need to write a sample blog on an intermediate topic so I can verify
your skills.

I am hoping to find a long-term content creator for Django.

We will start off the first tutorial with building some simple app.
Here are some simple projects we can choose from:

This tutorial will be a self-contained tutorial, that will
explain the basics, as well as get a django project running and deployed.
We can choose one project from the link above and find something else.
However, it should be a fully-functional project.
This will start off as $5-$6 dollars.
This will give me a chance to see how well you can write tutorials as well.

After this project, we can work on projects that span multiple tutorials
and that are more interesting and will go more in depth with some of Django's features.
The pay will be more for these tutorials.
This will be a great way for you to experiment and learn more about Django.
This position is great for someone interested in improving their Django skills.

The articles written will be owned by me (and you will relinquish the rights to the article to me forever and
I will also have the right to modify and use the article as I please; (I need to protect myself and don't want any legal trouble))

You CANNOT publish the same article or sell the article to someone else, without my permission.
You will be credited for the work, however I will have the rights to article.

If you are interested in this position, you need to have a blog, github, python code or write an article on Python to show me.

DO NOT COPY material from another blog etc directly.
You can use materials from blogs as inspiration but direct copy is no good.
However list all references when using other people's work (again don't want to get into trouble)

Once again, this is great for someone who wants to learn and improve their skills.