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Looking for someone that can get my clients press coverage in US media sites

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My name is Santiago and I work as the head of media relationships for a boutique PR firm in Latin America. We have been doing business for over 10 years now. Most of our clients are the owners/CEO's of companies operating in sectors like banking, finance, oil and gas, electricity, construction, and so on.

Our CORE BUSINESS is getting press coverage for our clients, mainly in national top tier mexican and US newspapers and or news sites.

Although we already have providers for US media coverage, we want to expand our porfolio. We are looking for our clients to get coverage in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Fox, CBS, ABC, and many others.
We have two options as deliverables:

1. Either hire someone that can introduce us to actual advertising executives at US news sites for us to strike deals directly


2. To hire someone that can get the US press coverage and then we just resell such service to our current customer base.

IMPORTANT: We are not looking for copyrighters to randomly pitch content to news sites in the hopes that the sites would pick up the news, WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE THAT CAN ACTUALLY GET US THE COVERAGE.